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Over the past several years, the CCTV technology has improved much and also has become inexpensive and easier to use as well. Now, even the sophisticated systems are affordable to the small business owners and even individuals can also employ the system with comfort. Most of the organizations will have an exact purpose on why and also under what circumstances the CCTV systems are employed. As far as the organization is concerned good management of handling the CCTV security systems is a prerequisite.


Most of the organizations are also looking for systems that offers an integrated solution to their security needs. Here comes the importance of quality and also branded systems. CP Plus In UAE the worldwide leader in cutting-edge surveillance as well as security solutions has come up with the advanced systems that provide a refined approach to your varied security needs. CP Plus In UAE is well competent in providing the state of the art surveillance systems with the CP Plus security cameras and also recording systems.

Here, lists some of the products that CP Plus offer.

  • IP cameras
  • Analog Cameras
  • Recording Systems

The IP cameras from CP Plus are designed to capture the videos in a much-sophisticated way. The IP cameras are available in wireless as well as wired versions. These are particularly easy to use and can be moved around the environments easily.

It offers the features of

  • Night Vision
  • Long-distance live data transmission
  • Interoperability
  • Good IP range
  • Digital capture
  • High-quality Image Sensor
  • Supports High Resolution

Analog cameras from the CP Plus balance the quality as well as output in an enhanced way. Designed for a variety of applications, the CP Plus analog cameras are also the sure choice for your security needs at a reasonable expense. Paying attention to the activities, with analog cameras from the trusted brand in the industry. We deliver flawless CCTV solutions in Dubai to secure your most sensitive areas, your building premises and so on.

CCTV Solutions offers customized CP Plus security solutions

CP Plus is a world-famous name in the field of security and surveillance. CP Plus makes a striking range of high-tech camera and CCTV equipment, some of the finest in the trade. Blessed with innovative technology, CP Plus makes advanced closed-circuit cameras and video door phones that help enhance the security of your residence and workplace in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman with greater impact and efficiency. The best part is that CP Plus has an extensive range to pick from – suitable for commercial and residential requirements. CP Plus is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of pioneering patented technology that excels in performance. The best thing about CP Plus is that the equipment is highly adaptable for future scalability.

CCTV Solutions, Dubai brings the most widespread range of CP Plus to customers in Dubai. You get the opportunity to have your premises in Dubai inspected and requirement evaluated by us to choose from an extensive range of high-end, premium and economical CP Plus CCTV cameras and equipment in Dubai. CP Plus has different product categories to pick from – CP Plus network camera, CP Plus network video recorder or NVR, CP Plus EzyHome, CPPlus Analog HD Camera, CP Plus Speed Dome or PTZ, and CP Plus Digital Video Recorder or DVR that can be used for surveillance of premises, indoors and outdoors. CP Plus is one of the most reliable names in the surveillance equipment industry in the world and you can now make your place in Dubai completely safe and secure by consulting with us for optimized CP Plus solutions.

CP Plus cameras and CP Plus solutions are intelligent, flexible and can be easily integrated for optimizing the security of workplaces in Dubai like banks, hospitals, hotels, universities and colleges, police department, heavy machine industries, warehouses, oil & gas, retail outlets, schools, residential complexes, in your private cars and public transportation. CCTV Solutions brings this new-age equipment and CP Plus solutions to Dubai to make the city a safer place to live in.

Who are we?

CCTV Solutions is a Dubai-based security and surveillance company that offers integrated solutions and services in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. We are one of Dubai’s foremost solution providers. CP Plus is a globally preferred brand and we are happy to announce that we are the best in the trade in Dubai to offer you cutting-edge equipment and security solutions made by CP Plus.

Why choose us for CP Plus equipment?

  • We are backed by years of hands-on experience in the surveillance industry in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.
  • We have the best of experienced and expertise working with us in our Dubai office to offer unique customized solutions to our clients in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.
  • We are preferred CP Plus associates in
  • We are the suppliers of world-class security and CCTV solutions in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.
  • Handling advanced camera and video systems from CP Plus requires know-how, training and qualification. And, we have all this and more in-house in Dubai.
  • CP Plus offers customer-centric solutions that can be easily personalized by CCTV Solutions in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

CP Plus equipment for security and CP Plus surveillance systems are available in varied technical range so that it suits and fits with all kinds of pockets and budget in Dubai. We help our clients in Dubai with easy decision-making by understanding their unique requirement specifically. Choose CCTV Solutions as your CP Plus partner and associate for qualitative CP Plus implementation and installation in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.